Treble Clef mosaic panel
  • Treble Clef mosaic panel

    This large musical art glass panel celebrates the joy and chaos that music of all genres is able to conjure. My own life is immersed in music and would be very dull without it. Whilst designing and creating art glass, my studio comes alive with a whirlwind of instruments and song, which definitely heighten my creative energy!

    Molten orange glass flows around the central Treble Clef, uniting all the elements like a conductor with their orchestra. Different shades are overlaid with clashing, sometime complementary colours creating nuance and noise. Dashing strips of gold etched dichroic glass add sophistication whilst a large crotchet hides in plain sight.

    This exuberant art glass panel is intended to create interest and joy - it will be transformed by infinite aspects of light though the seasons. Naturally undulating edges further enhance the feeling of free expression.

    A beautiful waxed wooden stand is included in the price.


    • Size

      31cm x 31cm square

      6 - 9mm thick

      Weight 1.8kg

      All dimensions are approximate.