Mosaic Cross
  • Mosaic Cross

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    Beautiful fused glass mosaic crosses in jewel colours. These are created with hand cut pieces of coloured transparent glass and glittering dichroic glass, finished to give a stained glass effect.


    Dichroic glass reflects and refracts light, so it can appear as two completely different colours depending upon the angle at which it is viewed. 


    Light transforms this gorgeous art glass, adding interest throughout the seasons, in sunlight or the glow of evening lamplight. Fused in a hot kiln for many hours, every cross is different - no two are ever made the same. Drilled at the top and strung with ribbon.


    Images shown here are representative, your mosaic cross will be unique. I will gladly provide photographs of your order prior to dispatch to ensure that you are happy with colours.

    • Size

      Length 15 cm

      Width 12.5cm

      Width across each arm is 4cm max.

      All dimensions are approximate.