Harris Stag art glass curve
  • Harris Stag art glass curve

    Inspired by the beautiful Scottish Isle of Harris, this original fused art glass Curve features a stylised Scottish Stag in autumn jewel colours.

    In order to create this fused art glass, I began by drawing the stag free hand on paper before translating the image into glass using finely crushed glass on a solid white glass background. This process takes time, patience and a very steady hand - it's like making intricate patterns out of sand. The piece is then kiln fired at a high temperature, taking many hours for the glass to fuse. It takes another day in the kiln to form the lovely curve shape.
    The result is a handsome stag finished in painterly style. This Harris Stag Curve will look magnificent displayed on a window ledge or other flat surface. A beautiful contemporary gift for yourself or someone special. Handmade and kiln fired in my Scottish studio. Every piece is unique, so do expect slight variation in design or colour application.

    • Size

      Size 15.5cm x 11.5cm approx.

      All dimensions are approximate