Angel Wings Light Catcher - Breath
  • Angel Wings Light Catcher - Breath

    Beautiful fused glass light catcher in a deep semi-transparent shade of plummy pink. Featuring an almost translucent delicate white angel wing and two dusky pink flowers. This lovely art glass has a profoundly peaceful effect and is quite moving to behold.


    The three dimensional, intricate glass angel wing and flowers are handmade first, then fired in a hot kiln. The background glass is chosen for its beauty and shape.


    It takes three kiln firings to produce this beautiful keepsake. Drilled at the top and threaded with ribbon and a pretty silver metal and glass bead. 


    These unique light catchers are beautiful reminders of our loved ones and also lovely affirmations of our infinite connection to spirit.

    Handmade with love and light.

    • Size

      9.5cm tall

      6cm wide

      All dimensions are approximate